It’s been Kickstarted!! Wellington Chocolate Voyage here we come!!

WOW !!! Successful Kickstarter – The BIGGEST of THANK YOUs to all the people who supported the project. Watch this space for Part Two 🙂

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and it’s only just the beginning which is the most exciting part! James is in excellent spirits, a bit overwhelmed by the interest and support but in a very good way. Literally giggling with joy, and he has the best laugh. Below is a wee clip of him thanking everyone and we’ve added subtitles because it’s a bit hard to hear. Unfortunately no fancy cameras and equipment in Bougainville, but this is far better than no James – so thank you Paul Bedggood!! (Another awesome VSA’er) and Matty for putting the clip together.

We will keep you updated on progress here and you can also check out the voyage on the WCF Facebook page. Along with everyone else we will have a breather over Christmas and then get stuck back into it in the New Year! What a great way to start 2015 🙂 !!


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