A Good Challenge

By Sera Price

They have made it to Vanuatu with “mean wind and waves!” (Rochelle Harrison, 2015). A low that formed off the Solomon Islands challenged the Uto the whole way to Vanuatu, where they have spent a couple of days recouping, mending the boat and stocking up with fresh food.

During this time they have put together a clip to share some of the experience so far. When I asked Gabe to attach a bit of commentary explaining what was going on he said “Just put ‘hard'”. After seeing the clip I see exactly where he’s coming from!

Looking forward to the next installment guys! Good luck on the next leg, Vanuatu to Bougainville.


2 thoughts on “A Good Challenge

  1. Gabe!! Rochelle!! You crazy cats Bahahaha well done! Sending you and the team a safe journey and aroha all the way from Spain!! I must say I’m very impressed your baking on the trip! Have fun guys 🙂 totally impressed by your efforts. Xx

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