The Lady behind the Lens

May I introduce the amazing Kate Logan and at the same time thank profusely the Learning Connection for letting her go on the Voyage. Kate is capturing the Voyage on film and is responsible for the clips that we’ve be posting to give a taste of the experience. We should have a real humdinger of a documentary at the end.

Kate Logan

Kate has been working in the field of videography for over ten years now, operating both independently and as part of a crew. With experience in corporate, educational and music video making, Kate has a passion for the documentary genre and enjoys telling real stories in interesting and insightful ways.

Being one of those people lucky enough to have a job she loves, Kate works at The Learning Connexion’s School of Art and Creativity, tutoring a variety of video classes including documentary video making, experimental video and music video making. Kate also works in The Learning Connexion’s Media and Resources department making inspirational documentaries about artists for the distance delivery programme.

The Learning Connexion has been kind enough to grant Kate leave to go on this exciting voyage and the experience will no doubt be a great learning opportunity that will feed back into both her tutoring and documentary making roles.

learning connection 2 learning connection


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