What Can I Do?

The Wellington Chocolate Voyage was successfully backed by Kickstarter. Check out our Kickstarter page here. We are now about to do all of those cool things. Please keep watching, sharing and feeding in comments and suggestions.

We are at the start of something incredible. Want to be part of this better tasting world? Fantastic! There are many ways you can help:

Support our Kickstarter from Nov 6 – Dec 10, and tell everyone you know. We need champions to spread the word as much as possible – who can you think of that might love this idea?

Keep up with this blog and our Facebook and share them on social media. Successful Kickstarter projects depend on a strong media following. You can follow the blog directly by registering an email address – we’ll respect your privacy, of course – or just keep checking back in. Every day we are sharing stories, information, insights, great pictures and clips.

Ask questions and make suggestions. We would love your advice! Please leave comments or use the Contact Us page.

That better tasting world is out there – thank you for helping us make it happen.

beanskids and pod_cropmade-crop


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