Happy 2015 !! Bring on the Voyage !!

Hi All,

After a sunny and relaxing time spent in various parts of New Zealand the team has come back together to start planning phase two of the project. All very exciting !!

Gabe has been in contact with James in Bougainville who has been doing some work on his cocoa bean dryer. Sera will be visiting Bougainville next month so will visit James then and will pop into the market to see how Thomas the weaver is getting on with those delightful bilum bags.

Rochelle is YouTubing sailing clips left, right and centre (in addition to making delicious chocolate). She’s ready to leap in and save the day if, for some reason, the skipper somehow forgets how to tie a “bowline”. Sailing lessons is next up for Gabe and Rochelle, as well as much needed trips to the gym to get sailing-fit!

We’re getting our blog back up and running so please stay tuned. If anyone has any questions or comments about anything, preferably on this project, please comment away of feel free to contact us via the Contact tab. Or even better, come and see us in the factory if you can.

Here’s a happy, slightly tired, probably more relieved photo of the team when we made our funding goal on Kickstater. Such a lot of hard work but well worth it and THANK YOU again for all your support!

made target

Cheers! Sera, Rochelle and Gabe